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Magnum Photos Now: ‘The Future of the Photography Market‘
March 7, 2017
'Magnum Photos Now: A talks programme exploring the role and meaning of photography today and celebrating the contemporary agency in its 70th year.’

Join Magnum Photos for the first in a programme of talks hosted in Hong Kong, leading up to the celebration of Magnum’s 70th anniversary exhibition in October 2017.

Starting in March 2017 at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Magnum Photos Now brings Fine Art Asia and Boogie Woogie Photography together to curate a series of lively debates that will consider critical discourses around photography, exploring its evolution and reflecting its place in the global art market and journalism. The talks will be led by acclaimed Magnum photographers, collectors and curators, to name a few.

In conversation with Matt Stuart: ‘The Future of the Photography Market‘

Magnum, as an agency, has pioneered the representation and distribution of the work of photographers. Once the ‘Fine Art’ format allowed the display and collecting of photographs, in the same way as paintings, the market for photography developed. The art market in general has evolved vastly since WWII, and the inclusion of photography as a collectible and tradable medium (from the 1970’s on and especially in the 1990’s) has probably made one of the greatest impact, opening a new perspective to the art scene globally.

Magnum played a pivotal role in the recognition of its photographers and in the growth of their career, creating more opportunities for exhibitions and exposure. While the more senior ones may have gallery representation, the more emerging ones benefit greatly from the support of the agency. Recent nominee Matt Stuart has been shooting on the street for 20 years and is ‘fascinated with people and the way they live their lives’.

The conversation shed different perspectives on his career and on the ‘business’ of photography as well as the experience of the other panelists. A number of initiatives to promote the medium as collectible have emerged globally and locally.

In Hong Kong, the Photobook Fair, established by Mark Pearson to invite independent publishers of photobooks from across Asia has launched in March 2016.
Since its inception and today under the direction of Connie Lam, the Hong Kong Arts Centre has shown a number of Photography exhibitions, notably ‘Gazing at the Contemporary World: Japanese Photography from the 1970’s to the Present’ and ‘Voice of Tacitness: Asian Women Photography’ in 2014, before closing for renovation.
Sarah Greene opened the gallery Blue Lotus and not only dedicates herself to the promotion of photography but also of the representation of Hong Kong identity.
Alexandre Errera brings an interesting experience through his work as an art consultant.

Through the exchanges of the panelists with Matt Stuart, the audience will learn more about the Futures of the Photography Market. Hong Kong is a perfect place to have this conversation as it is a vibrant hub of the market and there are dedicated galleries, auctions and even institutions, focusing on photography. It is also a place where public and private museums are presenting photography in an institutional context, also contributing to the recognition of the medium.

During this panel discussion, four expert panelists in conversation with photographer Matt Stuart will reflect on the role and impact of the market in the development of the medium.

Hong Kong
From March 2017

In conversation with Matt Stuart: ‘The Future of the Photography Market‘
March 26th, 3.30pm to 5.30pm at the Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema
Panelists: Matt Stuart, Mark Pearson, Connie Lam, Sarah Greene, Alexandre Errera
Talk moderated by Laure Raibaut

Presented and organized by Magnum Photos, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Boogie Woogie Photography, Fine Art Asia, with the support of Jet Airways.