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Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
April 13, 2017
by John Vink
Due to it’s shared border and close proximity to Syria’s major cities, Lebanon has been a logical destination for refugees fleeing the 6 year old Syrian Civil War.
Many have been able to find find temporary shelter in self-built camps and empty structures; construction sites, store-fronts, and garages. In many cases, the refugees are obligated to pay rent to landowners. Though those who have registered with the UNHCR are able to receive food aid, in order to pay rent, refugees must work as cheap laborers at farms and construction sites. Despite having been paid by their Syrian tenants, landowners have had the army relocate families so they can plant crops.
Communities that have major refugee populations have had to do their best to expand basic necessities without receiving the assistance of the Lebanese government.
John Vink traveled to Lebanon in April, 2017 and documented some of these refugee communities.
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