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Masi Bicycles
March 17, 2017
by Alex Majoli
Alberto Masi’s workshop has been located in the same building at the Vigorelli Velodrome in Milan since his father opened the shop in the 1950’s. Faliero Masi, Alberto’s father, began making bicycle frames after a career as a professional road racer and team mechanic, going on to make custom frames for other cyclists such as Vittorio Adorni, who won the World Road Race Championship with a Masi bike in 1968. Alberto took over in the 70’s and has been there ever since.

In a world where carbon fibre, titanium and other modern materials are used in creating road racing bicycles, Masi’s steel-framed bicycles are the link to the golden age of cycle racing where names such as Coppi, Anquetil and Merckx dominated. But even in this modern era of sub-6kg racing bikes, master frame-builders such as Masi or Pegoretti are in huge demand by a new breed of racing cyclist acknowledging the heritage and willing pay over £2K for a steel frame. These vintage looking bikes are the luxury end of a growing market.

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