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Intimate Stranger
December 9, 2019
by Susan Meiselas
The exhibition Intimate Stranger juxtaposes two powerful bodies of work by award-winning documentary photographer Susan Meiselas. Produced between 1972 and 1995, the two collections Carnival Strippers and Pandora’s Box present powerful photographs of Meiselas’ journey from small town carnivals strip shows in New England to a New York high-class sex club that specializes in sadomasochism.

Demonstrating Meiselas’ engagement since the early years of the women’s movement, the exhibition highlights assumptions about social and gender roles, fantasy and power, pornography and self-expression. Through the unique gaze of the photographer, Intimate Stanger gives the visitor the opportunity to apprehend a world where women work and make choices, but also form and project their own identities.

Susan Meiselas joined Magnum Photos in 1976 and has worked as a freelance photographer since then, covering many subjects and countries with a unique personal approach.

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