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Notre-Dame: Dismantling the Scaffolding Wreckage
June 16, 2020
by Patrick Zachmann
On June 8th of 2020, the process began on dismantling of the 200-ton scaffolding that had literally melted onto Notre-Dame's structure during the evening of the fire on April 16, 2019. Up to now this scaffolding has blocked access to certain parts of the cathedral.
Already delayed due to lead contamination, bad weather and lock-down because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the dismantling of the “puzzle” is expected to last all summer.
Patrick Zachmann, who documents the entire Notre-Dame reconstruction site, explains: "The scaffolding was present before the fire for the restoration of the arrow. Its disassembly is crucial in terms of security of the cathedral. It will allow architects and experts to assess the condition of the vaults and their fragility in order to tell if Notre-Dame is saved.”

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