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Selfies Phenomenon
November 5, 2019
by Martin Parr
The selfie phenomenon has transformed our social culture. It is commonly understood to be a photograph that has been taken by oneself, usually with a smart phone or webcam and shared on social media. Today, people post millions of selfies each day to social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and are shared between users. All of this is the work of an instant, positioning the smart-phone camera from a 45degrees angle above the eyeline, often with the help of a selfie-stick accessories, the selfie has established itself as the self-portrait of the digital era. As observer and critic of popular culture, as well as having explored the cultural and visual histories of portraiture, for Magnum photographer Martin Parr selfies in the tourism industry is an interesting phenomenon to be highlighted. In his latest book, Death By Selfies, he write. "In my quest to photograph the huge business of tourism, the introduction of the smart phone and subsequently the selfie stick have change the ritual of a tourist visit in a dramatic fashion. I could not ignore this phenomenon and is celebrated in this small collection of images, where most are taken in India, and few other locations thrown in for good measure."

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