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Apr 24, 2019
by Jim Goldberg
Active for the past 40 years, Kiki Smith is an icon of figurative art. Still restless, she continues to create work with an unpretentious, multidisciplinary approach.
Jim Goldberg photographed Smith in advance of her March 2019 exhibition at Pace Gallery, New York. More...
Magnum News
Apr 17, 2019
by Magnum Photographers
A major fire has engulfed one of the world's most famous landmarks - the medieval Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris.
The building’s spire and roof have collapsed but the main structure, including the two bell towers, has been saved. Officials say that the fire could be linked to the renovation work.
The Notre-Dame, a national symbol visited by almost 13 million visitors each year, has stood tall since... More...
Apr 17, 2019
by Diana Markosian
A girl’s quinceañera (fifteenth birthday) is a Latino coming-of-age tradition marking transition into womanhood. It is a gender specific rite of passage, traditionally showcasing a girl’s purity and readiness for marriage. Families go to great expense, often celebrating with a lavish party. The girl dresses as a princess, living out a fantasy and perceived idea of femininity. In Cuba, the tradition... More...
Magnum News
Apr 17, 2019
by Magnum Photographers
Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir has been ousted and arrested according to reports from the military on April 11, 2019. Al-Bashir's 30 years as President bore witness to famine, war in Darfur and civil war with South Sudan. Magnum has documented Sudan's President, the wars, famine and the rise of Islamism. More...
Apr 16, 2019
Join photographers and filmmakers Antoine d’Agata and Sohrab Hura in London as they lead you on a journey in alternative image making.

Known for their conceptual approach to photography, Antoine d’Agata and Sohrab Hura will be jointly leading an insightful workshop in London.

Over three days, you will be asked to reflect on your practice, push your artistic boundaries, and to go beyond your comfort... More...
Apr 10, 2019
by Moises Saman
In the time of misinformation campaigns, “fake news” accusations, and new forms of media manipulation, the truth can be elusive. Political strongmen work to discredit, vilify, or suppress reporting that they feel threatened by.

On assignment for TIME, Moises Saman traveled the world to photograph brave journalists determined to report the truth regardless of threats posed by governments or gangs.... More...
Apr 10, 2019
by Alex Webb
The US policy of "prevention through deterrence" has resulted in Central American migrants seeking out remote and dangerous crossing points along the US-Mexico border. The conditions can be extreme: below freezing in winter and above 115F in the summer. Crossings these deserts could take as long as a week and without shade or water, many migrants perish.
Alex Webb traveled to the border and documented... More...